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Evan You introduces his "Advanced Vue.js Features from the Ground Up" course and reviews the agenda.


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>> Evan You: I am Evan. I am the author of VJS, and so this workshop today is titled Advanced Features from the Ground Up. So, I'm gonna go into cover a lot of stuff. And just I wanna make it clear, that if you've never worked with Vue to a certain capacity, you might find some of the exercises a bit challenging.

Because the whole thing is designed assuming you have decent experience with view and kind of know the basic APIs, and ins and outs. But that said, if you have experience with say, angular, in the past, probably a lot the knowledge could transfer, the basic stuff. So, but this workshop is not really about teaching you how to use Vue.

It's really about some of the more fundamental stuff, the ideas implementations and how that kind of understanding Vue better in order to build things on top of it. So, our agenda comprises of, first, we'll talk about reactivity and how the reactivity system is implemented in view. We're actually going to follow through a few exercises that allows you to implement a small reactivity system that sort of resembles what view does under the hood.

And then we're gonna talk about running plugins, a few plugins. Because a lot of times we use third party libraries. You've probably used to field them with Vue.use, the API. So, you might be wondering how do these plug ins actually work. How do you write one yourself? If you run into a lot of common tasks in your daily development, you might wanna extract them out.

And we'll use them to share between teams, between projects, so that's a good thing to learn. And then we'll talk about render functions. So, if you internally use a virtual dome similar to React, if you don't have React experience before, you'll not be familiar with the concept of JSX or render functions, so we'll talk a little bit about that.

And kind of walk you through how to use render functions in the Vue context, because it's actually a pretty critical feature if you wanna implement some of the advanced features. And then, that'll probably be enough to occupy our morning. And after lunch we'll talk about some more advanced features, state managements and routing.

If you've used a Vue x, a view router before, we're gonna sort of explain the problem, build very, very simple versions of them. [LAUGH] Hopefully we have enough time to go through that. And then we'll talk a bit about form validation and internationalization. Also very simple versions of plugins, just to get a taste of how it might look in a real production environment.

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