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Using prisma, Scott discusses how to turn a database into a GraphQL API.

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Transcript from the "Database to GraphQL" Lesson

>> Scott Moss: So this one is pretty cool. It's basically GraphQL folks. Basically pivoting over to this really great team, but basically what they're doing is, given a GraphQL schema definition language, so a schema, basically what they'll do is create a GraphQL database for you. So what does that actually mean?

[00:00:21] So right now I think it only works with SQL and SQL based databases, they're working on many databases. But you know where we had to write the queries to interact with our database? What they would do instead is, the ORM that you interact with the database is GraphQL, it's type, check, GraphQL.

[00:00:39] So it's aware of the shape of your data. So it's basically just converting. You give it a GraphQL schemer, and it gives you a GraphQL API. And that's how you interact with the database. There's no other code in between. It's really cool. And it's open source, I think they working on some hosted solutions soon.

[00:00:56] Really soon actually. And yeah, I highly recommend checking it out. Pretty cool stuff.