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Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript Challenge 3: Reddit Image Viewer App

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In this challenge, students work on implementing an image viewer for Reddit subs.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 3: Reddit Image Viewer App" Lesson

>> Jafar Husain: Next problem we're gonna do is actually gonna be a lot more practical. We're gonna build out an app, hopefully we have enough time today. It's gonna be a relatively simple app, but large size enough that we'll see how powerful observables can be. And it's gonna be a Reddit image viewer.

[00:00:13] Maybe some of you guys out there have actually used it, but we'll sort of make an image viewer. And actually before I break, what I'll do is I'll put the GitHub URL up on the screen, in case folks want to pull that repo. Cuz you're gonna be working independently for most of this.

[00:00:32] And then like we did previously with the project, although I hope you guys actually definitely work hard to try and make as much progress on this one as you can. And then we'll come back and do it together. So if you could kindly pull that repo and give it a try, and read through the exercise, that'd be awesome.