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ThePrimeagen introduces the new algorithms course and mentions that they will be using various algorithms and the ones they find the most fun. They also mention that a basic understanding of algorithms, including walking a tree and recursion, is expected from the students.


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>> All right, so we are gonna be doing one more algorithms course. I know the last one was called the last algorithms course you'll need, this one's called the last algorithms course you'll want, you'll understand at the end of that at the end of this why we called it this.

It'll be very, very much so fun. And I've never done anything purely on a whiteboard, this will be my first whiteboarding experience. I've always done things behind those nice keyboard keys with the Vim terminal, so this is kind of a new experience for me. Hopefully it's a new experience for everybody else.

So today I'm going to try to do things in a certain way which is probably a little unusual considering I've already done one course on it. This course will cover some of the same material, some in way lighter versions just so we make sure we're all on the exact same page, and some in much deeper style just because we have to be able to take that and take it to the next concept which is inevitably harder than the previous one.

We'll be using all the fun different algorithms that I can fit in this amount of time. I tried to pick the best ones, the ones either that I liked the most, or actually, it's just the ones I like the most. I really am only picking the ones that I just think are the most fun that aren't like your intro level algorithms.

So there's no linked list today, though I may say the word linked list, there will be no stacks, queues any of that, but we will use stacks and queues or talk about them. And so I kind of have an expectation that you have a basic level of understanding of algorithms.

You know how to walk a tree, everyone here is comfortable with recursion, right? All right, good, some joke about knowing recursion requires you to know recursion.

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