Website Accessibility, v2

Screen Reader Solution

Jon Kuperman

Jon Kuperman

Website Accessibility, v2

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Jon demonstrates the solution to the screen reader exercise.


Transcript from the "Screen Reader Solution" Lesson

>> Let's go through Exercise 1 together. So I'm on a Mac, so I already have voice over installed and I'll use that for this demo. I'm not gonna dim my screen because I'm presenting, but we can use the bottom left gray area to see kind of what I would be hearing.

So I'll enable voice over, use voice over. And so kinda here we are. I'm in this Chrome tab. And so even without being able to visually see, I can tab one since as basic commands. I'll link JAWS, I'll link NVDA, I'll link Chrome Screen Reader, and then I get into this form and it says favorite color.

I don't know, I'm gonna go purple. And then it says first name, John, last name, Kuperman. Age, how old am I? 33 maybe, and then submit button. And so yeah, I just kind of wanted people to get kind of a little bit of familiarity with, yeah, what what that experience is like.

And like what it might be like filling out a form or something like that, or navigating through some links with just the screen reader alone. I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the screen reader for now, and we'll cover this in the next section. But I did wanna just kinda bring up, so the reason that these work is because they are labeled form fields.

And that's something that we're gonna be talking about in the very next section. But that's why the screen reader knows exactly what content to tell you to put in there.

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