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Students are instructed to try the other models and loaders located in the three.js/examples/models directory. Sample code for loading these models can be found on the threejs.org website.


Transcript from the "Loading Models Practice" Lesson

>> If you are all caught up, we have an exercise for you. Try other object types and loaders to add different models to your scene. If you are looking for the models, you can open up under your Node.js, you can open up the three.js/examples/models. And you can see the models that are available to you.

And there are multiple types of objects, some of them are OBJ, some of them are glTF. Depending on the type of the model you have to download, I mean, you have to use a different kind of loader. And with every loader, the setup might slightly change. Your parameters might change for the meshes, and you can just search for it on Three.js, loader, or maybe the documentation might be a better place.

Okay, loading a 3-D model, and you can see all of the different kinds of object loaders is here, glTF, and some troubleshooting tips are here too. Here, there are some examples with different model loaders as well that you can, if you have FBX, glTF. You can click on the right bottom corner of the examples, most of the time, and that will take you directly to the example code on GitHub.

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