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Ayşegül demonstrates the Hololens device. Multiple cameras around the Hololens headset track hand the user's hand movements. A menu to access the applications appears on the user's wrist.


Transcript from the "AR Hololens Demo" Lesson

>> And this is the fun part. We are going to add VR and AR capabilities to our little project. To be able to do that and be able to debug it, we have to turn on developer settings. And it is different for every device. For example, for Android, you have to go to About Page, click on the about device seven times, which is like a secret handshake.

And I have the link for iOS, Android, and Samsung, and HoloLens, Oculus, and HP. If you can enable whatever device that you're using, it totally can be mobile device as well. And while you do that, I would like to show you some of the cool interactions with HoloLens.

First thing that HoloLens does is when I put it on, it recognizes my eyes. So I don't have to sign in. It automatically assigns me into my account and there's a little lag. You might not see it but the menu is on my wrists. I'm trying to make sure that you see it.

So if you can see, that's the menu. I tap on it, and then the menu actually opens, Which is a really cool way of hiding lots of buttons around you. And now I can choose the application. As you can see, I can move things around with my hand.

It's very intuitive. And unlike the first version of the HoloLens, you don't have to remember any of the specific hand movements to be able to use it. So this is an application that we created for making understanding 3D apps and design a little bit better. And we wanted to put everything into context.

So we have an app that you can actually see how things really work. So all right, let's do the hand tracking. I really like these 3D icons, if you will. They're really so much fun. As you can see-
>> Hand tracking is one of the core features of HoloLens.

It allows the device to recognize your hands and fingers and track them in space.
>> I will make it less loud. So you can actually move anything with your hands from far away or close by. And if you are close, you can actually pull and push from the corners and you can turn them from the middle.

It's a really nice interaction. And let's see what the field of view is. If you remember in the section of cameras, we talked about the field of view. What you see is the field of view of the camera. Okay, I'm having an issue with this one. Okay, And this is my friend, Dan.

He went into a capture studio, what we call Mixed Reality Capture Studio. So we have a 3D moving version of him. So we can put it into an environment, which this whole environment is digital but he is real in a green, painted spatial capture studio And we are seeing the field of view interaction.

So one thing about HoloLens is that it has extra cameras that are just to watch your hands basically. They are looking outwards and it doesn't have to do anything inwards. As you can see, this is my hands. My hands still exists out far. But what I see is the middle section inside.

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