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Why Frontend Masters?

At Frontend Masters, we pride ourselves on offering courses designed and taught by leading experts actively employing their skills at renowned companies such as Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Stripe. Our curriculum is continually refreshed to align with the most recent advancements, guaranteeing that our learners are equipped with industry-standard best practices and cutting-edge techniques.

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What They're Saying About Us (@FrontendMasters)

  • Profile image for @fauzaanu
    There isn't another place that has the same quality and is consistent in quality across all courses as Frontend Masters.
    Profile image for @GeorgeOlivine
    Olvine George
    I take this opportunity to thank Frontend Masters for massively shaping my career. If it weren't for them, I doubt if I could be where I am today.
    Profile image for @dghez_
    Robert Borghesi
    TBH I owe my entire career to Frontend Masters, content is GOLD, usually explained and taught by top notch devs. IMHO worth every penny 👀
    Profile image for @willthomson__
    Will Thomson
    Frontend Masters should be in every developers tool kit.

    - Wide range of course topics
    - World class teachers
    - Full learning paths to go from zero to hero.
    Profile image for @slowyourprose
    Mr. Steal Your Code
    Frontend Masters is absolutely a must have for leveling up, IMO. probably one of the best investments a dev can make.
    Profile image for @NegarDev
    Negar Jamalifard
    I think I should subscribe to Frontend Masters for life. The courses are super rich and on point. Never had this level of satisfaction with any education platforms.
  • Profile image for @KevinJPowell
    Kevin Powell
    Frontend Masters is amazing. Super talented educators and quality content.
    Profile image for @goodgreeff
    Mid Knight
    Frontend Masters is best bang per buck in education I've ever seen.
    Profile image for @emmanuel_dal
    Emmanuel Dalougou
    Frontend Masters is the best platform for learning.
    Profile image for @__jot
    Joseph Tunde
    Frontend Masters is the best learning platform for frontend development. Quality contents overflow
    Profile image for @dstdkv
    Daniil Sitdikov
    That feeling when Frontend Masters brings more fun than Netflix
    Profile image for @AleksaMiti1
    Aleksa Mitić
    Every course on Frontend Masters is worth the money.
  • Profile image for @hussien_coding
    Hussien 🇨🇦
    The quality of courses that are constantly being put out by Frontend Masters is incredible
    Profile image for @Eduardo82545622
    Eduardo Vazquez
    Frontend Masters is amazing. Love their content and workshops. 👌
    Profile image for @AChickandAClick
    Judith Rohatiner
    I’m so grateful for Frontend Masters. It’s my go to for learning, refresh and exploration of all my full stack skills.
    Profile image for @javierm452
    Javier Martinez
    I strongly recommend Frontend Masters, they have the best courses by far.
    Profile image for @d9r_dev
    Danny Krämer
    I did a lot of my learning on free courses on youtube or some paid courses on Udemy. But now I have a Frontend Masters subscription and I must say: The quality of the courses is on another level. I can just recommend it.
    Profile image for @HTMelvis
    Ed Wardo
    Frontend Masters is great. Deep focus on great topics from people are actually doing the work they teach about. I’ve found it awesome.
  • Profile image for @iSumanKM
    The hard part series on Frontend Masters is the one of the best course I have taken so far. Level of content on Frontend masters is better than any youtube course.
    Profile image for @msamhan_6
    Frontend Masters is a treasure trove for honing my web development skills. It's been a catalyst for boosting my knowledge and delving deeper into the world of coding.
    Profile image for @orionEsu
    The wealth of resources on frontend masters is crazy
    Profile image for @pagarevijayy
    Vijay Pagare 🇮🇳✨
    A strong case for buying Frontend Masters subscription is that those instructors sorta become your peer group. You get access to how they think and approach things which is inspiring!
    Profile image for @DuctileStudios
    Brian Giometti
    Frontend Masters feels like a cheat code to me. So much good stuff condensed without all the noise. It's become a pivotal part of my development for sure!
    Profile image for @sidhantsaini11
    Sidhant Saini
    I switched from iOS to frontend dev by watching frontend masters. Best quality and updated evolving content on FEM.
  • Profile image for @Ts_Kalandadze
    Tsotne Kalandadze
    With Frontend Masters, you know that quality is guaranteed
    Profile image for @Dominus_Kelvin
    Kelvin Omereshone
    Frontend Masters content is top-notch, and the teachers are folks I know and can trust what they are teaching because of their reputation as outstanding engineers.
    Profile image for @tchassijordan
    Idriss Jordan
    Frontend Masters is definitely worth the money. I’ve taken a lot of course there ranging from typescript to JS and React. The instructors are so good. One thing that makes them stand out is the fact that they updated their courses regularly so it matches the trends in the industry.
    Profile image for @Barry_A_May
    Barry May
    Frontend Masters is absolutely worth it, especially if you like the format. I’ve been an enthusiastic member for several years now, and it’s at the top of my list when people ask me how I keep up to date.
    Profile image for @lensisle
    Frontend Masters is really good! Content is high quality, fun and easy to follow. I got a job at Netflix in part thanks to Frontend Masters.
    Profile image for @sadiqcodes
    Abubakar Sadiq
    If you really want to take your Javascript Knowledge to next level .

    I recommend checking out Frontend Masters there courses are undeniably the best I have found so far.

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Profile image for @sarocodes
Sarah O'Brien
When, without any prompting; your manager offers you a Frontend Masters subscription you know you picked a good place to work 😍
Profile image for @debs_obrien
Debbie O'Brien
Frontend Masters I’ve had a license for at least 4 years now. Got one for all my team when I was a team lead. The content is first class and the price is very cheap especially considering what you would pay to take that workshop in person.
Profile image for @augburto
Our team got a Frontend Masters subscription and it has been super helpful, especially for the new devs on our team who aren't as familiar with frontend technologies. I highly recommend giving them a try. 🙂